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A conversation with Vontobel – Sponsor to Investerar-SM

Nordic Growth market are pleased to partner with Vontobel in this year’s competition. Vontobel is the largest independent ETP issuer in the Nordics with over 14000 products. NGM had a conversation with Edvin Wallin from Vontobel to discuss their position in the market and what Investerar-SM brings to the Nordic ETP trading community.

Tell us a little bit about Vontobel:

  • Vontobel has this year a history spanning 100 years back to when Vontobel was founded. Vontobel is a Swiss investment house listed on the Swiss stock exchange SIX since 1986. Our services spans from wealth management, asset management to investment solutions. In the Nordic region we are partially known for exchange traded product as the largest independent issuer with more than 14000 products listed on NGM.

In your opinion, what are the main benefits in trading Exchange traded products (ETP) compared to other financial instruments?

  • Exchange traded products has many benefits from an investor standpoint, from getting access to exotic underlying’s, being able to speculate in both bearish and bullish markets by short or long products but also how the products work in terms of exposure and risk. Exchange traded products is a large group of products and can be adapted to different styles of invest from hedging to trading.

What is the main reason to trade exchange traded products issued by Vontobel?

  • At Vontobel we focus on the customer, from having a great customer service to being at the forefront of innovation. We trying to minimize the gap between the issuer and the investor working with many partners building relationship to the end customer. We always try to come up with new ideas and underlying to match the investors’ expectations but also focusing on having competitive pricing and quoting quality that in the end will benefit the investor directly. We want to be the investors “one-stop shop” for ETPs.

Vontobel have been a partner to the competition for several year now. What makes the competition so interesting to be a part of?

  • First of all, it is a great opportunity to showcase the talent that exist within the trading community. Secondly, it is also giving people that may be interested in trading an opportunity to try it out. The competition really brings out the community that exist around exchange traded products.

Working for an Issuer with products throughout Europe, what makes investing in Nordics so interesting?

  • The Nordic region overall is very developed when it comes to personal finance and investing. Overall, one can see a very strong culture around investment and stocks that may not exist in other European countries. People from Nordics countries have a stronger appetite for trading together with the strong interest for investments, this combination have built an great environment where one can learn more about investments.

Lastly, as an ETP-professional, do you have any advice for the contestants?

  • I would say there are some key factors for a person to be successful in the competition. Firstly, be active in the competition so you can showcase your skills and learn more about ETPs. The second advise I would personally give is to find two or three interesting underlying’s that you like and focus on those. Lastly, do not putting all the money into one product at day one. This will result in that the whole experience will be more fun.

More information about Vontobel and their issued products at Vontobel’s website.

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